Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.


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Building and living a healthy lifestyle with family and friends.

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke

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Sweet Moments: Big Dookie

Any experienced parent knows this will happen multiple times, but there’s nothing like the first encounter. As a dad, there’s nothing like having this first encounter when you wife isn’t home. I remember watching my wife walk out of the house and I’m left with this cute bundle of joy and ¬†a set of instructions so eloquently written. But nothing prepares you for this. This ain’t no normal diaper. This ain’t pee. This ain’t poop… This is the cumulonimbus¬†of diapers…

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Road to 190: My Journey To Better Health

You know what? We get older and life happens. I’ve been slim most of my life, but just recently hit my heaviest weight ever. After nearly 2 years of failed dieting, I recently decided to join Weight Watchers and attend the weekly meetings. I’ve done the online only version in the past and experienced fast results but had no accountability or endurance. There’s something about going on a journey with others that makes you look outside of yourself and see…

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Python Programming

Python is one of my favorite programming languages mostly because of its simplicity. If you are interested or just getting started with programming, this is definitely the language you may want to begin with. Python is highly used in academia and industry and has so many versatile uses. I mainly utilize it for automation and analyzing data. It is a quick and dirty language that allows you to spend more time on solving your application problem versus spinning your wheels…

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Darius Fennell is a loving father, tech nerd, and advocate for living a healthy and happy life with family and friends.

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