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Come journey with me on my health journey. I am absolutely fascinated with nutrition and physiology! Click the link to learn more and follow me as put my learning discoveries into practice. I am an avid lover of Weight Watchers and FitBit, both of which have helped me tremendously.

Natural Sweeteners

If you’re like me and have struggle with sugar addiction than this video is for you. You can still enjoy sweet tasting food without causing long term harm to your body. In this video, I discuss 3 natural sweeteners: stevia, xylitol, and erythritol.

There are 3 main benefits that these 3...Read More »

Vitamin D

Disclaimer: The topics discussed in this video are for informational purposes only. Please consult your licensed medical professional before starting any medical or nutritional regimen. If you have a medical emergency, please seek immediate help from your doctor...Read More »

Road to 190: Dealing with Disappointment

So this was my first week that I did not lose weight during my weigh in at Weight Watchers. One of the things I’ve had to learn how to come to terms with is losing. Context: I HATE losing…anything…a game…school test…debate…race…you name it. At my core, I feel like I’m...Read More »

Road to 190: Your Story Matters

So I went to my 4th Weight Watchers meeting today, and while I was sharing my struggles for the previous week, some lady shouts out and says, “It doesn’t even look like you need to be here!” Caught me off guard at first but I said, “Let me tell you...Read More »

Road to 190: My Journey To Better Health

You know what? We get older and life happens. I’ve been slim most of my life, but just recently hit my heaviest weight ever. After nearly 2 years of failed dieting, I recently decided to join Weight Watchers and attend the weekly meetings. I’ve done the online only version in...Read More »

A Living Nightmare

I remember a friend came to me one day and said, “I’ve had a migraine all day!”  I quickly responded, “No you haven’t!”  They said, “Why?” I quickly responded again, “Because you are able to talk to me!!”

If you have ever had a migraine, you know...Read More »


Darius Fennell is a loving father, tech nerd, and advocate for living a healthy and happy life with family and friends.

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