Essential Hope

Hope is having an expectation of good. I love sharing messages of hope and encouragement. I believe it is essential to healing, restoration, and endurance through the most difficult circumstances. Click the link to read more.

Road to 190: Dealing with Disappointment

So this was my first week that I did not lose weight during my weigh in at Weight Watchers. One of the things I’ve had to learn how to come to terms with is losing. Context: I HATE losing…anything…a game…school test…debate…race…you name it. At my core, I feel like I’m...Read More »

Lego and Let God

Please read and be encouraged if 2016 was a rough one for you:

So I bought my kids the Lego Dimensions game where the characters you build in real life out of Legos show up in the game on your Xbox or PlayStation when you place them on the Lego platform....Read More »


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