The End of An Era

When you reach the end of an era, there are often bittersweet takeaways. You look back and consider the following: What wisdom can I extract from that era? Who were the key relationships from that era? Will those relationships end or continue? What legacies from that era do I want to continue or end? I’m sure there are other more profound things to consider, but these are the ones that I will emphasize for the time being. Also, keep in…

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Sweet Moments: Big Dookie

Any experienced parent knows this will happen multiple times, but there’s nothing like the first encounter. As a dad, there’s nothing like having this first encounter when you wife isn’t home. I remember watching my wife walk out of the house and I’m left with this cute bundle of joy and  a set of instructions so eloquently written. But nothing prepares you for this. This ain’t no normal diaper. This ain’t pee. This ain’t poop… This is the cumulonimbus of diapers…

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Lego and Let God

Please read and be encouraged if 2016 was a rough one for you: So I bought my kids the Lego Dimensions game where the characters you build in real life out of Legos show up in the game on your Xbox or PlayStation when you place them on the Lego platform. So of course every character and vehicle have to be put together piece by piece and I’m not the best for doing anything handy let alone some Lego toy pieces.

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Darius Fennell is a loving father, tech nerd, and advocate for living a healthy and happy life with family and friends.

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