So I went to my 4th Weight Watchers meeting today, and while I was sharing my struggles for the previous week, some lady shouts out and says, “It doesn’t even look like you need to be here!” Caught me off guard at first but I said, “Let me tell you my story…”

I went to to explain how:

  • When I first got married I weighed about 180 lbs.
  • When I started this Weight Watchers program, I weighed almost 230 lbs.
  • I have experience excruciating joint pain (like hip bursitis on 3 different occasions)
  • Chronic back and knee joint problems.

You can never judge anyone that you haven’t had a chance to hear their story. No I’m not obese, but my diet choices were leading me down a very bad path. When you body’s check engine lights start flashing, you need to take action…so I did.

Since, I’m naturally an introvert, it takes a lot for me to be vulnerable in front of a group, but today I needed to share my story not to prove I belong there but because I was -55 (that’s right, negative fifty five) points for the previous week (through weekly and fit points!). My story is in spite of a bad week, I’m still here at the meeting, and I’m still eating better than I was before I started the program.

And by the way, I still lost 3 pounds from the previous week…(go figure).

Down 9.2 lbs total over 3 weeks!!!! (227.8 to 218.6)

But, please share your story…failures and successes…you never know who you’re encouraging even if they don’t come up to you and tell you.