Any experienced parent knows this will happen multiple times, but there’s nothing like the first encounter. As a dad, there’s nothing like having this first encounter when you wife isn’t home.

I remember watching my wife walk out of the house and I’m left with this cute bundle of joy and  a set of instructions so eloquently written. But nothing prepares you for this. This ain’t no normal diaper. This ain’t pee. This ain’t poop… This is the cumulonimbus of diapers power packed with all the days used nutrients, juices, and berries.

And I’m left here to figure out what the heck I’m supposed to do. There weren’t enough wipes in the house to simply wipe my way back to a state or normal. Oh no, that onesie is gone. Grab the Walmart grocery bag and get to packing! You have to move quick because your Jello Giggler can spread their sweet goo everywhere in a matter of seconds. (Mind you, I am describing how this felt the first time…oh yes, you go through this many times). Most mothers reading this could easily say, “It’s poop…clean it up…get over it…” Yeah, but the truth is, us husbands SUCK and have taken for granted the many times you all have so seemingly & effortlessly cleaned up all kinds of throw up, poop, and other unidentifiable substances without missing a beat! (Husbands…give you wife a big hug and for goodness sake…be more helpful! I know I should).

Long story short, I eventually got everything cleaned up, but if I could describe my initial feelings, it would be best describe by this clip: