You know what? We get older and life happens. I’ve been slim most of my life, but just recently hit my heaviest weight ever. After nearly 2 years of failed dieting, I recently decided to join Weight Watchers and attend the weekly meetings. I’ve done the online only version in the past and experienced fast results but had no accountability or endurance. There’s something about going on a journey with others that makes you look outside of yourself and see that it’s much bigger than just losing weight.

One of the first things I was challenged to do was to connect to my ‘Why’. In the past the answer to that question was win, be the best, break records, and repeat. While I still have my competitive edge, life has taught me that no obsession is sustainable, but for me there is something that always endures: helping others. This has always been my ‘why’: inspiring and encouraging, no matter what season of life I’m in.

It is, however, difficult to inspire when you have no fruit in that area of aid. I’ve been studying nutrition and health for a decade now, but have had times where I didn’t live up to my acquired knowledge. A while ago, a good friend called me out on it and really made me consider my lifestyle. Coupling that with the aches and pains of weight gain specifically in my joints, I’m on a new focus and invite you to follow my journey!

  • My ultimate goal is to get my weight down to 190lbs!
  • My starting official weigh-in at Weight Watchers was 227.8lbs
  • My first week weigh-in was 222.0 (down 5.8 lbs in a week!)

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Along with Weight Watchers, I continue to use my Alta Fitbit!